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[How can I make my face well?
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China’s area is very wide, and people in different places have different cultures. For example, the diet structure of the South and the North is very different, which is equivalent to the fact that northerners eat more pasta than southerners. Some are in Shanxi.Among them, pasta is very popular, and there are too many types of pasta. When making most pasta, the process of pasta must be involved, so the following teaches you the correct method of pasta.

How can I make my face well?
How is the flour fermented?

1. Add appropriate amount of flour. Use homemade flour to add more. For 500 grams of flour, add about 80 grams of flour. For fresh yeast, add 5-10 grams per 500 grams of flour. 2. For fresh yeast,It can be dissolved in warm water, and then added to the flour to neutralize it evenly. Place it in a warm place and wait for it to ferment. If using flour, it can be carried out in two steps., Then knead in the other flour and send it for another 2-3 hours. If the time is limited, you can combine the two steps and two into one; there is more flour, the ambient temperature is high, and the fermentation is fast; otherwise, the fermentation is slow; 3, andYou can add some traces of salt to the surface, which can cause the yeast to reproduce and produce more carbon dioxide. The steamed buns are soft and strong, sweet and delicious. You can also add beer for better results.

Tips for flour fermentation: Choose the right starter 1. There are three types of starter for baking: baking soda, flour (old noodles), and dry yeast powder.

They all work in a similar way: Under the right conditions, the starter produces carbon dioxide gas in the dough, and then it expands to make the dough soft and delicious.

2. The gas released by baking soda is not abundant, so the softness of the finished product after baking is not very good.

And it is a weak alkaline substance, which will destroy the vitamins in flour and reduce the nutritional value of pasta. It is not recommended.

3. In some places, the noodle fertilizer is also called old noodle. It is a piece of dough taken after the last fermentation. After proper preservation, it is used as a strain to start fermentation.

Pasta fertilizer must be used with alkali because it makes the dough sour.

However, alkali will destroy the nutrition of the flour, and the amount is very difficult to master, and it is easy to cause waste, so it is not recommended.

4. Active dry yeast (yeast powder) is a natural yeast extract, which is rich in nutrients and more valuable, it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

It is basically completely rich in vitamins, and it also has a protective effect on the vitamins in flour.

Not only that, the yeast can increase the B vitamins in the dough during reproduction.

Therefore, the fermented pasta products are several times more nutritious than fermented pasta such as cakes and noodles.