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Plums are a common fruit in life. Many people like to eat plums. In addition to direct consumption, plums can also be used to make wine. The taste of the produced plum wine is also very sweet. Plum wine also has certain health benefits for people’s health.Efficacy. Of course, if you want the best taste, pay attention to the method of making plum wine. So, have you learned the steps of the method of making plum wine?


Method one: Wash the plums with cold water, cool them with cold water, dry them with a crumble, place them in the sun, and make sure that there is no water at all; use the knife to scratch some of the mouth, and then use a layer of plumsAdd a layer of rock sugar to the sealed container. The size of the recycled brewing container should be selected according to the amount of your fruit. The container must be clean. The sealed glass jar is a good choice; fill it to 8 points full, leave some space for fermentation, and topAdd more rock sugar in one layer, seal it in a cool place and let it ferment naturally. After 3 months, it can be opened and eaten.


The trick is to add fresh fruit. Don’t overripe or overripe fruit. Rock sugar should be crushed and used. If you like sweetness, you can put more sugar. If you don’t have sugar, you can put white sugar.Cover the glassware with plastic wrap a few times. Remember to keep it in a cool place without the sun’s rays. Finally, if you want to drink the finished product, you must filter it. The simple and feasible filtering method is gauze filtering. There is another method.A leather tube is used to put one end into a plum wine container and the other end into a wine storage container, and the liquor slowly flows down from the leather tube.


Plum wine can promote the digestion of fruits. Plums can always promote gastric acid secretion, and plums can also secrete gastric digestive enzymes, which can promote gastrointestinal motility.

Therefore, after eating plums, people often feel that their appetites are wide open. This is because plums can promote digestion.

Therefore, plum wine made from plums is very suitable for those who have stomach acid deficiency, fullness after eating, and constipation, which can effectively improve the substitution.