[Steamed Sturgeon with Chopped Peppers]_Steamed Sturgeon_Methods_Production

Many people are not unfamiliar with catfish. Catfish is very nutritious and suitable for most people. The taste of steamed catfish with chopped pepper is a spicy one.

The method of steaming anchovies with chopped pepper is very simple. Pay attention to the cleanup of the anchovies when you make them. You can also season them according to your personal preference.

First, the practice tutorial of steaming anchovies with chopped peppers: 1. Wash the anchovies, remove the black film from the belly of the fish, and clean the ginger slices into the belly of the fish.

Add an appropriate amount of lemon enzyme juice, wipe and marinate for later use.

2. Shred the shallot and chop the pepper to filter out the extra soup.

3. Wash the pickled catfish. Remove the lemon slices and add them to the dish. Cover with chopped green onion and cover with chopped pepper sauce. 4. Boil the water on the pot. Steam for seven minutes on high heat and turn off the heat. Open the lid after 2 minutes.

5. Pour the hot oil on the steamed chopped anchovies.

Second, catfish catfish is a common dish in the diet, with high nutritional value, because catfish contains animal protein and unsaturated fatty acids. Often eating catfish can exercise, but also can reduce obesity, lower blood pressure and blood lipids, and prolong life.

Chinese medicine believes that catfish can tonic, warm and lower qi, diuresis and swelling, and fever can cure gastrointestinal bleeding and nausea.

Topical application also has a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effect.

Especially the treatment of postpartum milk is small or even unique.

Eating catfish can appetite and strengthen the spleen, and regulate Shengjin. This supplements and supplements the nutrient protein that generates floating juice, and the spleen is able to secrete milk. Therefore, eating catfish has less milk, and maternal poor milk does indeed increase milk secretioneffect.

Third, pay attention to the meat of the catfish above is delicious and has high nutritional value. It has the effects of nourishing Qi and benefiting qi, dehumidifying and warming the stomach, nourishing the kidney and strengthening the spleen, especially the milk-feeding effect of the catfish soup cannot be compared with other medicinal materials.

The recipe is simple and fast, especially steamed catfish is much easier than frying.

Before steaming, apply lemon enzyme juice evenly to the fish. Without lemon enzyme juice, you can also use cooking wine and soy sauce instead.