[Is it good to eat leek every day]_ impact _ effect

There are many ways to make chives.

Some people like to eat it very much, while others feel that the chives are too heavy, fearing that there will be a tone, causing embarrassment.

Mention leek, everyone knows, because leek is a very good vegetable and very nutritious.

Leek scrambled eggs, leek pork blood, leek pork stuffing dumplings, some and so on, delicious and eating leek is good for the body, so eating leek every day is good for the body?

1. First of all, leek is rich in nutrients, about 3mg of carotene per 100g of fresh leek, and the total vitamin content is also rich: 100g of fresh leek contains about 20mg of vitamin B, about 38mg of vitamin C, and calcium and phosphorus.Iron and other substances.

2. Fresh leek contains a large amount of protein, trace amounts and other substances, which are also very helpful to the human body.

3. You may not know that leeks have medicinal value. The sulfides contained in leeks have the effect of reducing human blood lipids and can treat diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

4. Leek also contains abundant supplementary fiber. The supplementary fiber can increase the gastrointestinal motility of the human body, can accelerate the emptying time of the internal tract, reduce the time of headache and bile acid and bacteria in food, and has obvious curative effect on constipation, hemorrhoids and so on.
5. Leek has a sweet and warm taste, and has the effects of dispersing blood and detoxifying, warming the stomach, increasing appetite, and nourishing kidney and improving yang. Therefore, leek is also known as “Aphrodisiac.” Men eat it very well, you know.