Want to grow more exercise?

When it comes to growing tall, many people only think of some nutritional products, heightening shoes, etc. In fact, there is another important point of growing tall, which is fitness.

Factors Affecting Height Height is affected by many factors, and it comes down to two major aspects: genetics and environment.

Among them, genetics has the largest impact on height, which can account for about 70%.

  Environmental factors include nutrition, sleep, exercise, disease and environmental pollution.

In summary, genetics, sleep, nutrition, and exercise are the four major factors that affect height.

After the age of height, eat some hormone-rich drugs to increase the bones and joints to increase fat, not only is not high, but also harmful.

  Exercise is beneficial to the secretion of growth hormone at night. Exercise can directly promote the secretion of growth hormone, and also promote the secretion of growth hormone in the night of exercise.

At the same time, moderate exercise can increase appetite, bring you healthy sleep, and help grow taller.

Some people said after practice: “Sleep after reasonable exercise and baby-like sleep.

“Sports can make people grow taller, but not any sport can make people grow taller.

  1. Conducive to long and tall sports: volleyball, basketball, football, ballet, aerobics, radial gymnastics, skipping, jogging.

2. Exercises that are not conducive to growth: weightlifting, weight-bearing exercises, excessive exercise, and excessive consumption of sports (marathon, etc.).

After knowing that some exercises can effectively increase, I will give some specific methods of increasing exercise: 1. Overhang method: Hold the horizontal bar with both hands to hang down and hang down. It is better to gently touch the ground with your toes when sagging, and then pull up.action.

Boys can do 10-15 times a day.

Girls can do 2-5 times a day.

  The essentials of the exercise are: exhale when the pull-up is up, and inhale when it slowly descends.

After doing the exercises, walk around to relax the muscles.

After you relax your hands, clenched your fists firmly, put your hands on your chest, then release your fingers, then smell your eyes, open your mouth, stretch your brows, relax your muscles, and then lie on the bed to relax your head and arm muscles.
In short, we must learn to rebuild hard and relax as much as possible.

  After the practice of draping is stopped, you can increase the drape by increasing the amount by first hanging for 20 seconds, then attaching a sandbag of 5 seconds to each leg, and then hanging for 20 seconds. After that, use a beltFix it on the horizontal bar, hang it for 15 seconds, then put on a 10-month iron sand vest, and hang it for 15 seconds.

However, time and weight are not absolute and can vary from person to person.

  2. Jumping: Jump with both feet trying to touch branches, basketball racks, ceilings, etc.

10 times as a group, jumping upward 5-7 seconds each time, each group interval 4-5 minutes.

Try to keep your body in a state of maximum contraction.

In addition, participate in basketball, volleyball and swimming regularly.

When grabbing basketball and smashing, you must jump hard and actively compete for each high penalty.

Because jumping is the main training content, you should jump about 200 times a day with all your strength.

  3. Traction method: stand on the mound of 20-30 meters high, relax and accelerate down, then lean down on the floor, with the help of two partners, one partner holds the hands and wrists of the practitioner and the other exercisesAt the lower part of Diao’s calf, the two people exert force in opposite directions at the same time, pulling the torso 2 to 3 times, 12 to 15 minutes each time, and repeating 6 to 10 times.

These two exercises can help correct short legs, spine flexion, fractured feet and “O” leg shape defects, transform bone growth, and regulate nerve and endocrine functions as well as various physiological functions to achieve the optimal state, therebyTo achieve the purpose of heightening.

The most important thing is to be serious and persistent.