[Is spicy hot?]_ Action_Benefits

Mala Tang is to choose dishes according to his own preferences, cook a variety of dishes together, and finally make a bowl of spicy, spicy and fragrant dishes. Because Mala Tang has a strong autonomy, people can choose according to their preferences.It’s delicious, so most people like spicy food.

Many people think that Mala Tang is junk food, which is unhealthy. After eating, it will cause harm to the body. Is Mala Tang healthy?

First, it is necessary to match the ingredients first. The vegetarian ingredients are still very nutritious. There are various vegetables, various mushrooms and fungi, soy products, seaweed, eggs, meat, etc.The ingredients are cooked in a way that is the easiest way to cook and doesn’t have much oil.

Second, some people think that the spices in the spicy sauce can not be eaten. In fact, there should be no. To make spicy sauce, in fact, you can add more spices, and the seasonings from different regions are not the same.Just like Sichuan peppercorns and peppers, if they come to the north, it will be very spicy, so the flavor should not exist, but the boss has added more spices to attract customers.

Third, there is too much red oil in the dipping sauce. Now go for the spicy dip in the dipping sauce. The dipping sauce is chosen by yourself. If you think the red oil is unhealthy, you can put more sesame sauce instead of red oil.A very healthy seasoning, you can also put vinegar, leek sauce, these are all good seasonings, so as long as you choose the right ingredients, the right dipping sauce is fine, hot and spicy is still healthy, sometimes better than some fried meat,And cooking is healthy.

Mala Tang is usually spicy and spicy, which is why so many people like to eat it.

Because spicy food has the effect of promoting appetite, your appetite will widen during eating and you will unknowingly overeat.

In addition to the spicy characteristics, Mala Tang is also very greasy. Experts remind that if you continue to eat too spicy, greasy food will seriously affect gastrointestinal health.

Especially the spicy ingredients start to stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa and cause gastrointestinal diseases.

Many women think that Mala Tang can lose weight. Experts remind that even if you eat Mala Tang without eating any food, cooking a lot of fat contained in Mala Tang will make you lose weight, and it may be more serious.