[How to make noodle soup with noodles]_Home-made method of noodle soup with noodles_How to make noodle soup with noodles_How to make noodle soup with noodles

Many office workers will choose to go outside for three meals a day. After all, they are tired from work, and it is not easy to insist on cooking. In fact, the practice of noodle soup soup noodles is very simple, and this way is rich in nutrients and goes to workThe tribe can eat delicious food with only a little overcoming, and at the same time they can make themselves healthier.

1. Take three spoons of flour into the basin.

2. Start to knead the dough when you add water. If you find that the dough is a little bit dry, grab a little water, and then knead. Finally, the dough is completely clumped, the surface is smooth, stop, and set aside for a while.

3. Slowly add water. While adding water, stir with your other hand.

Do not add too much water at one time, then the surface will be too soft and sticky, and not too little, too little, too hard, the surface will not be together.

4. While preparing the ingredients, take the noodles and wash the onions and garlic.

Put in a bowl and set aside.

5. Take a green pepper, wash it and shred it for use.

Dragon beans are best simmered by hand, because the beans are easy to break if they are cut with a knife, which makes them unpalatable.

7. Spread a scale on the panel first, and knead the dough on the bread. Be careful not to sprinkle 8 on the panel. Press the dough into pieces by hand, and then use the rod 9 to knead until the surface of the dough is smooth.

10, then fold into long bars 11 and the rods form a thin sheet.

Don’t make the dough too thin, because it’s your own stick, it’s easy to break, and it shouldn’t be too thick. It doesn’t taste good12, then cut into noodles and sprinkle the noodles to prevent sticking.

13, this is a very common part, add oil to the pot, fry the chives and garlic after the oil is hot, then add a little salt.

14, then add dragon beans, add thirteen incense, and fry for about 2 minutes.

15, add an appropriate amount of water, cover the lid, and cook until boiling.

16. Go down the noodles.

When it is lower, stir the pan with chopsticks to avoid sticking 17, add the pre-washed tofu and shrimp skin before leaving the pan.

And pre-fried eggs.

Stir well. At this time, you can season with salt again.

18, OK, get out of the pan, serve on the bowl, ready to eat.

In fact, eating out for a long time is not good for human health, even the practice of noodle soup soup noodles, but those who have eaten it for a long time.